Our People & Clients
40 years developing people and
organizations in 27 countries.

The Principals


For over 40 years, the Rebins, Norm, Delva and Niki have enhanced the communications and managerial skills and strategies of successful people and clients in 27 countries. "... able to apply your words realistically, both to their personal lives and to their business goals." Many of these are repeat clients who appreciate the fact that, even though the actual content of our seminars is consistent, the application of that content is always focused to the individual needs of each client.

One of the things that gives Success Mentors the ability to work with a diversified and specialized client group is their own diverse backgrounds in international administration, psychology and physics. All of them are also active researchers. This capacity and their decades of experience with a wide variety of clients also add significantly to their ability to bring proven solutions to each group they work with. "... a precious mix of information, education and entertainment which can be used immediately."

Whether the project is idea generation or skill development, one of the critical factors is the motivation of the participants. Here, Success Mentors excels.People respond enthusiastically to the energy of the presenters, especially because it is combined with pragmatic approaches to implementing new ideas, skills and strategies.

The Clients

With a focus on communications and leadership, Success Mentors has developed thousands of outstanding presenters, writers, and executives. They range across industries and vocations.

Clients who have significantly enhanced their skills and impact include:
  • executives,
  • politicians,
  • sales professionals,
  • financial services practitioners
  • engineers,IT specialists and other scientists and technical people,
  • association officers,
  • public servants
  • educators,
  • legal & medical professionals, and,
  • clergy
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The clients' increased skills have resulted in career promotion, election to office, or, increased funding and support for client projects.

Many of our clients also are particularly security sensitive. These have included the police and para-military groups, as well as, corporations in highly competitive industries. In addition to having held the top level security ranking in the diplomatic corps, we consistently hold our tongues.

Privacy Policy

Individual and group training

Through group seminars or individual immersion training, the Rebins have molded the design and delivery of their clients' skills and strategies in communications, sales and administration to best showcase each person's personality and leadership style.

New lower cost service options

In addition to Success Mentors' individual mentoring and corporate seminars, they can now offer you their experience and expertise in cost saving formats. They have a wide range of online and telephone programs as well as a series of digital and traditional publications. So you can access their expertise where ever you are.